Most people scheduling a boudoir session are brides who want to create a book for their groom to open before the wedding ceremony. But boudoir sessions are for anyone and everyone. And, brides, while you might view this entire experience as a present for him, it’s really a gift for you.

Imagery prioritizing sensuality over sexuality.

Boudoir is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. I love making other women feel beautiful and boudoir creates the space for women to be vulnerable and also see themselves in a powerful way. 

Whether you clicked on this page with hesitation or confidence, let’s talk about how transformative this experience can be for you. 

Hello, Beautiful





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*NOTE: For the privacy of my clients, the photos that are displayed on my website are from model boudoir shoots only. If you wish to see more boudoir work, please contact me and I will share a private gallery with approved and protected images. 

Put away the excuses, my friend. Let’s do this!

Please send me a message right now if you don’t think that sounds like fun. The idea of a boudoir shoot can feel intimidating and completely out of your comfort zone, but I think we should all push ourselves to do things outside of our comfort zone from time to time. You might just enjoy the experience. But really… it’s all about you. You deserve to feel confident and beautiful. I’m here to make that happen for you.

You only have one body. And our bodies are truly capable of amazing things. Why not document it? One day you can look back on your shoot and think, damn I look good. That is the gift you give yourself. You are giving yourself confidence.  Spend your time with me getting your hair and makeup professionally done, jamming out to Beyoncé, or whoever boosts your confidence, and then listen to how amazing you are throughout the entire shoot. 



Once you have decided that you are ready to experience your own boudoir session, I will share my pricing guide, followed by my guide on the best places to shoot and outfits that I think photograph well. If you have any other questions about the session and what it might entail, please send me a note. I’d love to chat! 



No. I love empowering ALL females, so ALL females are welcome here. No matter your age, shape, color or sexuality. If you want to shoot with me, I am very much up for it.

Not without your permission. Your privacy is of the upmost importance to me. As you know, I shoot both film and digital; when shooting film, the exposed rolls get sent off to my lab, which means they would leave my hands to be processed. So, it is really up to your level of comfort. If there are instances where you are either unrecognizable because your face is covered with hair and there isn’t anything private showing and you are comfortable with me shooting film, I would take that opportunity to shoot film (ie. you sitting on the bed with your back to me). Digital files never leave my hands. The more intimate photos and poses are shot on digital so I know exactly where they are. The files are uploaded to my personal laptop, edited privately in my office, then sent directly to you in a password online gallery.  No photos will be posted on social media or shared on my website or with potential clients without your permission. Again, your privacy is of the upmost importance to me and I will talk with you before and during the session to make sure that your privacy is protected at all times.

I keep all of my galleries on backup hard drives for a period of time, and they will sit there where nobody will touch them. If you chose to have me design and print an album for you, I will design the album online with a company I have used for many projects, where it will printed and then shipped to either you or me. Then that will be the end of the road for your photos.

No. I like to shoot all of my sessions, especially boudoir with me and the person that I am shooting. I feel like people are most open and willing to be vulnerable when it is just us having a good time.

Let’s talk about this one. I shoot boudoir to celebrate the bodies we have in whatever shape we are in. I truly believe you are beautiful in your most natural form! So, I will not use photoshop to make you look skinnier or edit out any “imperfections” or “flaws.” I use photoshop to get rid of little, unforeseen blemishes. Like a bump that might have shown up the day before the shoot. I like to keep my work as natural looking and true to self as possible. With that being said, let’s talk about how posing during shoot works.

Everyone has their favorite and least favorite qualities about themselves. I start my shoots by asking what these qualities are for you. That way I can navigate angles and poses so they are the most flattering and I can capture you in a way that enhances your body and promotes self-confidence. I have lots of poses in my arsenal that will create beautiful images, but if you see a pose that you really love and want to try out during our shoot, please let me know! I like to get read the energy of the room and talk with my clients beforehand to really understand what they’re looking to get out of their shoot as well.

Boudoir is super fun to shoot. I like to have professional hair and makeup done for my clients because it gives us a chance to chat and get to know each other before we get started, and we feel like friends from the very beginning. Once I get to know you and your expectations I turn on some music and we get started on some really easy poses that transition nicely into more intimate poses. I will be there to guide you the whole way, while respecting your privacy as much as possible so it doesn’t feel awkward.

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